I submitted my resume online, but I have not heard from anyone yet. When will I hear back?

You are probably worried that no one actually reads the resume you sent us online. Well, I can tell you unequivocally, YES WE DO READ THEM. There are real humans here on the Recruiting team, and we read your submissions faithfully. But, as you can imagine, we receive a LOT of resumes. It is physically impossible to send a personal reply to each and every one of you. We really wish we could!

If and when we find you are one of the strongest matches for an open role, one of our recruiters will most certainly contact you. You can be 100% sure of that. If you have not heard from us yet…. chances are we are not ready to interview you right now, or perhaps you weren’t quite the best match. We are very fortunate to have a lot of top quality candidates, you are up against some tough competition. Please keep working, improving and try us again.

Where can I read 2K's Privacy Policy regarding my job applicant data?

You can find the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy for Job Applicant data by visiting http://www.2k.com/safeharborprivacy/

Do you offer internships, or do you hire new grads straight out of school?

While we do not have a formal summer internship program, we do occasionally hire new grads or interns, based on the needs of our development or marketing teams. When we need an intern, the job will be posted on the careers page. Just keyword search for “intern” or “internship” to find any relevant/current open internship.

If you are a new grad or an intern, we recommend you drop your resume into one of our “Entry Level All Stars” folders on the careers page. “All Stars” is not an open job, but it is a great way for us to keep in touch with you for the future. This allows us to have some idea of who you are, and what your career goals are. Search our open jobs and look for the keywords “All Stars”.

I really want to make video games as a career. What advice can you give to help me break into the industry?

Breaking into video games is not easy. We know, we went through it ourselves. While there are many paths to success in this business, in general we recommend you get a college degree. There are many excellent programs available to study game design, or software engineering and those are great choices. Most of our Programmers have degrees in computer science or software engineering. Most of our Artists have BFA’s or other art and animation degrees. Our Game Designers come to us with everything from game design, math & physics to creative writing or even architecture. Our Marketing team looks for education in communication fields like English, mass communications, business etc. Find your passion and pursue it. Stick with it. Work hard. Below are some handy links to some very smart people who have great advice for newbies. We hope this helps!

Where Novato, CA and what is it like?

We are located just 24 miles north of San Francisco in sunny Marin County. We are roughly 30 minutes from Napa Valley wine country and 30 minutes from the city of San Francisco. Many of our employees live in Marin County or make the short commute from San Francisco. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful & interesting cities in the world. It offers vibrant nightlife, arts & culture scenes, world-class cuisine, and a one-of-a kind, eclectic, metropolitan cultural experience. Suburban Marin is known for its beautiful rolling hills and coastlines, hiking trails, mountain biking, great public schools, “foodie” restaurants, farmer’s markets and laidback vibe.

I have a game idea, where can I submit it?

The Company welcomes input from the gaming community. However, any submissions to the Company of any nature whatsoever, whether through a posting on a Company website, email to the company, mail, or any other means, becomes the sole and exclusive property of the Company, which shall have full right, title and interest thereto, including all copyrights, in all mediums now existing or hereafter created, and without any obligation to account, credit, or make any payment to the submitter for any use thereof. No purported reservation of rights incorporated in or accompanying any submission shall have any force or effect. By making a submission of any kind to the Company, you hereby agree to all of the foregoing.

I own a company and would like to partner with you. Who do I talk to?

Can't find what you needed? Still have a question?

Feel free to email us at staffing@2k.com and we will do our best to track down what you need and reply promptly.