This "genetically enhanced" first-person shooter lets you do things never before possible in the genre.

Turn everything into a weapon, biologically mod your body with plasmids, hack devices and systems, upgrade your weapons and craft new ammo variants, and experiment with different battle techniques. After your plane crashes into icy uncharted waters, you discover a rusted bathysphere and descend into Rapture, a city hidden beneath the sea. Constructed as an idealistic society for a hand picked group of scientists, artists and industrialists, the idealism is no more. Now the city is littered with corpses, wildly powerful guardians roam the corridors as little girls loot the dead, and genetically mutated citizens ambush you at every turn. BioShock forces you to question the lengths to which you will go and how much of your humanity you will save your own life.
  • Release Dates: 
  • PlayStation®3 system – August 21, 2007
  • PC – August 21, 2007
  • Xbox 360® – August 21, 2007
  • iOS – August 28, 2014
ESRB Rating
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