Sep 3, 2015

Meteor Goliath Crashes into FREE Evolve Weekend

Your weekend is about to get Monster-sized.  

In case you missed the news, you can play Evolve for FREE this weekend on PC and Xbox One. And if you already own the game, you can try out the currently available DLC characters for free at certain times during the weekend. All the details that you need are on the Evolve News Blog. 

BUT, here’s something else that’s happening this weekend. We’re introducing yet another free element to the game, coming to everyoneAdaptations. In the same way that Monsters evolve, they are also adapting to their environment.  

So, if you thought Goliath was already a fire-breathing badass , Meteor Goliath is an entirely new way to play. It’s more than just a cool new skin with blue flames – it’s a whole new set of power modifications. We’re talking longer Leap Smashes and burning damage over time from all of his attacks 

Get ready to roast some Hunters. Learn more about the Meteor Goliath HERE 

(or just watch this video)